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  • Julie Johnson OT, OTR/L MO

Therapy Spotlight: Intensives

Introducing Jack:

Tying shoes. Jumping jacks. Pumping a playground swing. Socializing with peers. These are things that come naturally to most school-aged children. For others, these tasks are challenging and these struggles negatively impact the child’s self-esteem and confidence. What parent wants to watch his or her child struggle through tasks that peers do with ease?

Jack’s mother sought out Leaps and Bounds to address these skills and others. In order to make the quickest progress, Jack participated in an intensive therapy program where he attended 60-minute sessions 4 days per week for one month. His program also included a 5-day intensive of an auditory training program.

Jack struggled throughout last school year and experienced significant stress in the classroom. In addition, Jack was frequently unable to remember peers’ names, required prompting to sustain eye contact with peers or adults during interactions, and often demonstrated a stress response when asked to help with chores around the house. He could not pump a swing, tie his shoes, or complete a jumping jack which also impacted him socially.

Jack was enthusiastic anytime he made small gains during therapy sessions, such as pumping a swing independently or completing fluid jumping jacks. He says, “I’m most proud of being able to tie my shoes and learning how to snap!” A huge success as reported by his parents is improved confidence, mood, cooperation and willingness to help with things around the house. For example, if his mother asked him to do something for her, then Jack used to respond with “Do I have to do everything around here?!” but he is now consistently saying, “Okay, sure Mom!”

Jack’s mother reported that he is doing more things independently at home, such as making his own lunch without constant prompting for each step of the task. His school year is off to a strong start thanks to his summer intensive therapy program!

Summer is an ideal time for intensive therapy however, Leaps & Bounds offers this throughout the year for children who need an extra boost or parents who would like to see the quickest progress. Please contact your child’s therapist or the front office to determine if an intensive would be appropriate for your child.


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