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"The day we brought our Frankie home from the hospital it became clear that he had eating issues. Soy formula was needed. He also wouldn’t drink from the bottle if you were making eye contact with him. Moving to solid foods was incredibly hard. We worked with an OT, an allergist, and a nutritionist. I had to measure and chart.. mostly force feeding. The pediatrician discussed the possibility of a feeding tube at one point. We have struggled immensely with getting this kiddo to eat for his whole life. On Thursday Frankie graduated from his eating therapy at Leaps and Bounds, Inc. He has been seeing occupational therapist Amy Reifschneider for a few years now and the progress has been LIFE CHANGING! He now eats a variety of foods, chews without choking, eats at the table with the family, and has put on some much needed weight! We are so grateful for this experience!"

-Tracy B.

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