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Signs your child may have challenges with Social Skills (including, but not limited to):

  • Requires prompts to initiate play with peers

  • Uses poor eye contact

  • Lacks awareness of personal space

  • Has difficulty making or keeping friends

  • Hits, kicks or bites peers

  • Struggles to see others’ perspectives 

(it is always someone else’s fault)


What is it?


Social skills are required to build and maintain positive relationships with peers. A child must be able to initiate conversation, maintain attention to peers, stay on-topic with conversations, understand peers’ perspectives of situations, and read non-verbal cues.


Children with sensory processing difficulties have additional challenges in social situations and may not be able to recognize appropriate personal space or maintain eye contact. These children often overreact within social situations and become aggressive with or avoid peers while in a “fight or flight” state.

Our Approach

At Leaps and Bounds, both occupational therapists and speech and language pathologists address concerns with social skills through individual and group therapy programs. 


All therapists use terminology from the Social Thinking® program to teach children how to interpret social situations and respond appropriately to facilitate long-lasting friendships.

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