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1. Contact Our Office

When you contact our professional office staff, you will be greeted by someone willing to listen to your concerns.  We will ask you about your child and his needs.  


We will also review your insurance coverage to see if your plan will cover treatment.  For those without insurance coverage, we do provide discounted pricing. 

2. Intake Evaluation

The next step is to schedule an intake evaluation.  One of our licensed pediatric therapists will meet with you and your child, assess your child's current skill level, and discuss your areas of concern.

Free consultations are available for those parents who would like to speak with a therapist prior to scheduling an evaluation.  

3. Treatment Program

Once  your child's needs have been evaluated and your goals for therapy have been determined, our intake therapists will recommend a treatment plan for your child to most effectively meet those goals.  A treatment program may include individual therapy sessions, intensive therapy, or group therapy.  

Contact Our Office

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Leaps and Bounds, Inc.

324 Jungerman Road
St. Peters, MO 63376

(636) 928-LEAP (5327)

Fax:  636-928-5322

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