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  • Emily Galvan

Sensory Tool: Weighted Sock Buddy

Why the Weighted Sock Buddy?

The weighted sock buddy can be placed on your child’s lap to provide deep touch pressure . Deep touch pressure can create a calming feeling and increase attention. The additional textured fabric on the back can serve as a hand fidget, and by providing tactile input, can also promote a calm/alert state.


– One long male tube sock – Sand, rice, or corn kernels – One leg of a nylon or a knee-high nylon (optional, but recommended) – Optional: Decorating materials (permanent marker, red cloth, glue, and googly eyes), fur or various textured fabric


Take the long tube sock and fill it with either rice, sand or corn kernels. (If you have nylon for lining, fill this first, and place it inside the tube sock.) Leave enough room at the end of the sock to tie the end. Once tied, your child can decorate the sock like a snake, with two googly eyes, a smile with permanent maker or puffy paint, and a red fabric or yarn tongue.

For additional sensory input, add textured fabric to the back.


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