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  • Julie Johnson OT, OTR/L MO

Family Support Model

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Does your child struggle at times with daily tasks, eating, sleeping, or completing homework? If this causes a disruption in your family routine, then our Family Support Model may be for you!

Through this model, our occupational therapists can provide personalized recommendations to address your child’s concerns through phone or virtual consultation. This model has been designed for families who want support in one area of development and whose child does not require traditional in-person therapy services.

Our Family Support Model appointments may address one of the following areas of concern:

  • Picky eating

  • Sleep struggles at nap or bedtime

  • Toileting

  • Organizational or other executive function concerns

  • Sensory processing (mild)

  • Developmental milestones (delay in one area)

Our Family Support Model is a consultation package that we use to address minor behavioral concerns that are affecting families. This package is not the best fit for all families, so we ask you to fill out some paperwork that will provide us with additional information about the child prior to scheduling. A therapist will review this information to determine if this model can support your family’s needs. If determined appropriate, then a phone or tele-health call will be scheduled with the therapist. The therapist will provide recommendations and follow-up the call with resources that are appropriate based on the child’s needs. This may include things like a home exercise program or list of recommended equipment and resources for home. The therapist would also setup a follow-up call to discuss progress since implementing the recommendations.

Please contact us today at 636-928-LEAP (5327) and we will help you identify whether this model is right for your family!


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