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Our Programs

Leaps and Bounds offers a variety of therapy programs to meet your child’s needs. We provide individual occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and physical therapy services. We also offer group therapy programs that include: handwriting and academic skills, social skills, feeding skills, and speech and language skills. After your child’s initial assessment, the therapist will meet with you to establish goals for your child and your family. A treatment program will then be designed to meet your specific goals.

Please see the signs and symptoms checklist to determine if your child would benefit from therapy services at Leaps and Bounds, Inc.

Individual Therapies

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy uses play to facilitate changes in your child’s “occupations” such as feeding, dressing, playing with toys, socializing with peers, interacting with adults, attending to/following directions, and completing academic activities.

Occupational Therapy at Leaps and Bounds uses a sensory-integration based approach to make improvements in these skill areas. This means that therapists use child-directed, therapist-guided “play” to stimulate the various sensory systems (tactile, visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, vestibular, and proprioceptive). Through these sensory “play” activities, your child’s nervous system learns to respond to the world differently, allowing him to learn new skills and successfully complete previously difficult tasks.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy addresses concerns with your child’s ability to communicate with others. Speech is the ability to produce sounds for speaking. Language is the use and understanding of words for communication.

Speech and Language Pathologists at Leaps and Bounds use a variety of therapeutic techniques to improve your child’s sound production, language development, pragmatics, and oral motor skills. The Speech and Language Pathologists at Leaps and Bounds use sensory-motor activities to enhance language development and to make therapy fun for your child.

  • Expressive Language Disorders
  • Receptive Language Disorders
  • Dysarthria
  • Dysfluency

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is effective if your child demonstrates difficulties with strength and movements that are necessary for activities such as walking, running, and climbing. Therapy can improve your child’s flexibility, balance and coordination.

Physical therapy at Leaps and Bounds is provided in a fun, playful manner. Your child can benefit from physical therapy both as traditional therapy and/or aquatic therapy.

Group Therapy

Social Skills Groups

These groups are designed to help children with varying abilities. Therapists will use a variety of teaching techniques including, structured games, cognitive behavior approaches, and the “Alert Program.” Goals may include some of the following; initiating / sustaining interactions, understanding non-verbal cues, cooperative play, and conflict resolution. Each group is uniquely designed to meet your child’s social goals.

2014 Social Skills Groups

  • Buddy Builders
  • This group will give your child the opportunity to work on making and sustaning friendships. This is an important age to move from independent play to playing with peers.

  • ABC’s of Social Skills
  • This group will be centered around developing appropriate social skills. The group will work on building your child’s confidence to start building long lasting friendships. This group is considered a stepping stone to the Out and About groups.

  • Out and About
  • These groups will meet every other week at Leaps and Bounds and every other week in the community. The sessions at Leaps and Bounds will be instructional to create positive experiences in the community.

  • Life Skills Sessions
  • These groups are designed to educate and facilitate independence. Topics addressed include: money management, healthy choices, job training, goal setting, etiquette and more.

Handwriting Groups

These groups are designed to address all levels of handwriting skills. If your child has difficulties with handwriting, there may be underlying concerns that should be addressed prior to working on skills such as letter formation, spacing and line adherence. These groups will use play-based activities to develop foundational skills such as postural control, strength, body awareness and/or visual processing, which are necessary for successful handwriting.

2014 Handwriting Groups

  • ABC’s and 123’s Group
  • This group is for children who can identify all the letters of the alphabet. These children will work on appropriate and efficient letter formation and pencil grasp.

  • Advanced Print
  • This group is for children who can form all of their letters. These children will work on writing words, adhering to the line, appropriate spacing and the size of their letters.

Feeding Groups

These groups are designed to create a fun, social way to introduce new and/or non-desired foods. We will address a variety of components in the feeding process. The purpose of this group is to make mealtime a more positive experience and to expand your child’s diet.

2014 Feeding Groups

  • Cooking Club
  • This group is for children who are considered “picky eaters”. This group is designed to provide a positive mealtime experience with peers. We will be meeting at Leaps and Bounds and also trying different restaurants throughout the eight weeks.

  • Lunch Munch
  • This group is for children who are considered “picky eaters”. It is designed to provide a positive mealtime experience with peers while addressing both sensory and oral motor components that impact mealtime. Parent education and support for home will be provided during each session.

Speech & Language Groups

These groups are designed to enhance your child’s speech and language development. Therapists will target increasing receptive and expressive language skills and social pragmatic skills.

2014 Speech/Language Groups

  • Chit Chat
  • This group is designed for kids who are not yet talking or who need a boost in their vocabulary. A portion of this group will include parent participation. It will address social language and will include ideas to encourage development in the home.

  • Apraxia
  • This group is designed for kids who have difficulty with planning oral motor movements, speech imitation and using sounds/words consistently. Oral motor exercises and a home program for your child will be given to increase progress.

Additional Groups

    2014 Winter Additional Groups

  • Biker Buddies
  • This group is for children learning how to ride their bikes. The group will develop skills needed to be successful in riding a bike including: postural control, motor coordination and lower extremity strengthening. Biker Buddies

  • One Day Fun Day
  • Each One Day Fun Day will be filled with a variety of activites specific to that day’s theme. Themes will include “Fitness and Fun”, “Sensory Fun”, “Spooky Day”, “Thanksgiving Feast” and “Winter Wonderland”.

    Please see the signs and symptoms checklist to determine if your child would benefit from therapy services at Leaps and Bounds, Inc.