Spring Break Intensive Therapy Sessions!

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A Spring Break Opportunity:

At Leaps and Bounds, we offer an intensive therapy option for families who would like to see maximum progress toward therapy goals in a shorter period of time. Although we offer this throughout the year, spring break may be an ideal time for families to take advantage of this option due to the time off of school. An intensive model allows for the use of (more…)

Understanding Dyslexia

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Written by: Autumn Foster, M.S., CCC-SLP

The word “Dyslexia” is becoming a hot topic. Reading and writing are complex tasks. Rightfully so, Dyslexia is a complex condition. Have you heard about Dyslexia? Are you wondering if your child or a loved one has Dyslexia? Do you know what YOU can do to help? If you are interested in learning more, check out these general topics of conversation relating to Dyslexia. (more…)

Therapy Spotlight: A Search for Meaningful Occupations

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Therapy Spotlight: A Search for Meaningful Occupations

Written by: Julie Johnson, MOT, OTR/L

Dan has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and has been a part of the Leaps and Bounds family for many years. As he got older, Dan’s therapy goals shifted to a focus on independence and finding meaningful occupations. Dan’s mother, as any parent, wants for Dan to feel happy and be a part of something that he feels good about. She found this to be challenging after graduation, because Dan’s skill level fell in-between paid employment and the supported workplace settings that they started touring. (more…)

Food Wars: Tips for Your Picky Eater

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Food Wars: Tips for Your Picky Eater

Written by: Lisa Cooseman, OTR/L, MS

Do mealtimes tend to feel more like a war for you as a parent? You might find yourself anticipating the crying, gagging, and battling that occurs so frequently around meals. You may even find yourself avoiding the battle and serving things that will yield a more peaceful dinner time.

Eating is actually a very complex activity and is rich with sensory experiences. When the food is on the plate in front of our child, he is required to process and interpret the smell (olfactory), how it looks (visual), how it feels in his hand or mouth (tactile), getting the food to his mouth (coordination/ fine motor), maintaining a seated position (vestibular/ proprioception), biting/chewing (proprioception/ motor planning), and then swallowing the food (oral motor strength/ coordination). Whew!!

For children with sensory processing deficits, this can be too stressful to even begin. (more…)

DIY Sensory Tools

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DIY Sensory Tools

At Leaps and Bounds, we use sensory tools every day to compliment the therapy we do with our kids. Not every tool works for every kid. We like to have lots of “tools in our bag” so that we can find the right ones for our kids and families. Some of the tools we use in therapy need to be purchased, but there are a lot of really great ones you can make on your own at home. We have put together a list of some of our favorite DIY sensory tools. (more…)

Therapy Spotlight – Success in the Community!

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Meet Quentin…

Quentin has been working at Leaps and Bounds for a few years now. He and his mother had a goal of bike riding for an activity to do with his family and exercise. Now that he is in high school his occupational therapist suggested some functional training in the gym. Thanks to the inclusion model at the YMCA, Quentin and his OT work weekly on strengthening, body awareness, balance, bilateral coordination, fine motor, and social skills.

Providing therapy at the YMCA has helped facilitate progress in just a few short weeks for Quentin. (more…)

Sensory Kids in the Classroom

Posted By: Carrie Salyer on Sep 25, 2017   Category: Articles, Parent Seminars, Resources  

“Sit still.”
“Pay attention.”
“Keep your hands to yourself.”
“You lose 10 minutes of recess.”

These are phrases that sensory-kids often hear throughout their school day. Sitting still, paying attention, and keeping hands to himself can be super tricky for a child with sensory processing challenges…and losing 10 minutes of recess is likely the worst consequence a sensory-seeking kid could be given. It is important to understand the needs of a sensory kid in order to (more…)

Yoga & Self-Regulation

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Yoga and Self-Regulation

Have you ever wondered if your child would benefit from yoga? Yoga is often associated with adults and slow movements, but it turns out that this ancient practice can be very beneficial for children and adults. Yoga incorporates breath work with motor movements for strengthening and calming the nervous system, and can be adapted for all ages and abilities. The yoga poses and activities can help children identify how their body is feeling to facilitate greater emotional awareness and coping skills. (more…)

Child Development for the New and Expectant Parent

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Adding a new member to your family can be both exciting and terrifying. You may buy all of the books, read all of the blogs and posts, talk to all of your friends that have kids but are you really ready? (more…)

Speech & Language Highlight: Is Your Child A Late Talker?

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Speech pic

Is Your Child A Late Talker?

Have you ever looked at your child’s peers and wished your child communicated like they did? Have you been frustrated because you try to have him or her imitate a word but he or she just (more…)