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  • Lisa Cooseman, OTR/L, MS

15 Years of Growing Opportunities

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

We started Leaps and Bounds 15 years ago with lots of hopes, excitement and energy as we poured every ounce of ourselves into this dream. There were so many hours researching, painting, finding just the right therapy tools, creating forms and procedures, etc. There were sleepless nights as we were so excited to start this new journey asking ourselves, “Will people come? Can we build a successful business doing what we feel passionate about?” Every time my cell phone rang, I would excitedly pick up, “Leaps and Bounds, can I help you?”

In some ways it feels like a lifetime and in others it feels like yesterday. We sought as much advise from professionals along the way, but tried to stay true to our values and our mission. Admittedly, we made a lot of mistakes, but failures are an opportunity for growth. We tried to use these opportunities to grow stronger in our understanding about what was good for our business. Growth has been integral in every part of building our business. Not just hiring more therapists and seeing more kids, but personal and professional growth.

Every new business owner seeks to grow, that is the point, right? We quickly figured out that growth is really hard and you have to be prepared to grow effectively. Sometimes we did this well and other times, we struggled. Each time, we sought to learn and adapt.

A few years in, not only were we trying to grow the business, but we were beginning our families too. Our kids have grown up in Leaps and Bounds. Over the years they have watched us take phone calls at all times of the day, accepted hugs when we had to miss games/ parties and been really strong when either mom or dad is not there to tuck them in at night. My hope is that they grow to recognize the value of working for something you are really proud of. I want them to see the value of serving others and see others strengths before seeing weaknesses.

If you ask any of our therapists, the phrase “growing opportunity” is uttered frequently at Leaps and Bounds. The last few months the world has been inundated with these opportunities. We are thankful for the last 15 years and thankful to be opened again after closing for 2 months. Hopefully the last 15 years of growing opportunities will allow us to continuing growing for many more years to come.

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