Visual Supports in Every Day Life

Posted By: Lisa Cooseman on Aug 22, 2016   Category: Articles, Resources  

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Visual Supports in Every Day Life

The idea of visual supports may not seem applicable for everyone, but each day we use lists, calendars, signs and pictures to get through our day. These visual supports help us to be more productive, regulate our arousal levels and feel successful. Maybe you make a daily to-do list so that you can check off each time you get something accomplished. Perhaps, there is a picture sitting on your desk that helps you take a deep breath when things become too stressful. Visual supports can include pictures, written words, signs, drawings, timers/ clocks, technology and more.

Why Use Visual Supports?

Visual supports can help a child feel an increased sense of control and understanding of what is happening throughout their day as well as what to expect. Many kids can become overwhelmed throughout their day for a number of reasons, and giving them some additional supports can help them to feel a greater sense of control. Visual supports can help with:
• Transitions
• Increasing organization
• Reducing stress
• Increasing clarity of expectations
• Facilitate comprehension
• Support behaviors
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