Transitions for Sensory Kids

Posted By: Rob Salyer on Aug 29, 2013   Category: Archive   Tags: , ,

With the start of the new school year, comes the challenge of change for sensory sensitive kids. Think about all the changes: New schedule, new teacher, new environment, possibly new peers. Each one of these areas of change will bring with it new sensory experiences. The novelty of each of these things can be unnerving, and all of the sensations involved can send our sensory kids into a tailspin: the sights, the sounds, the smells, the touch input….

THEN comes the change in temperature……and with that a whole new host of anxieties for our kids who do not like change! If you have a sensory sensitive kid, then you may be familiar with the meltdowns that come with the transition of wearing uniform shirts, long sleeves, collared shirts, jeans and pants. It is not only stressful for your child, but stressful for YOU, and often the whole family.

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