Spring Break Intensive Therapy Sessions!

Posted By: Lisa Cooseman on Feb 15, 2018   Category: Articles, Resources  

A Spring Break Opportunity:

At Leaps and Bounds, we offer an intensive therapy option for families who would like to see maximum progress toward therapy goals in a shorter period of time. Although we offer this throughout the year, spring break may be an ideal time for families to take advantage of this option due to the time off of school. An intensive model allows for the use of protocol-based interventions, such as the Interactive Metronome or therapeutic auditory programs, that require daily use for maximal benefits. Our intensive model involves 90-minute therapy sessions Monday through Friday for one week, which would equate to about 2 months of therapy. However, this schedule can be adapted as needed to fit your family’s needs.

The intensive program is personalized to each child’s needs and treatment goals. Some of the areas that our therapists have seen significant progress in include: improved postural skills, visual skills, auditory processing, coordination, self-regulation, attention, participation in therapy tasks, and decreased negative behaviors. This intensive therapy is not intended to replace a child’s on-going therapy program but instead to provide a “progress boost” and identify additional interventions that would be beneficial for the child’s home program.

We have availability starting March 12th through April 6th. Please contact your child’s therapist or the front office to determine if an intensive would be appropriate for your child and to hold a spot over his or her spring break week!

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