Mermaid Sequin Tactile Board

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Mermaid Sequin Tactile Board


1 yard of mermaid sequin fabric (You can usually find this at fabric or craft stores–we found ours at Hobby Lobby.)
Poster board (A thicker board will make your project sturdier.)
Duct tape (Choose a color you like because it will be visible.)

Wrap the fabric around your poster board.
Make sure you pull tight so that your fabric will be snug around the board.
Use the duct tape to secure one edge at a time and continue to pull so that the fabric is taut.
We duct taped a cross pattern on the back side of the board to further secure the edges. (See picture below.)
Your board is ready to use! This board can be used as a calming tool or can be fun to draw designs on.

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