Lemonade Sensory Bin

Posted By: Leaps & Bounds on Aug 10, 2017   Category: Resources, What's New  

Lemonade Sensory Bin

It’s summer time, so we thought it would be fun to make a lemonade bin for the kids to play with!


Plastic bin
Rice–we used 8 lbs.
Yellow food coloring
Gallon Ziploc bag
Lemon essential oils (optional)
Other things to add: Cups, Straws, Plastic lemons, Pitcher, Matching lemonade pictures

Fill Gallon Ziploc bag about 1/2 way with rice.
Add about 1 Tbsp. of vinegar and several drops of yellow food coloring.
Mix up the rice until you get the right shade of yellow. (We did add more food coloring a few times to get it the right shade.)
Let the rice dry out completely in plastic bin. (We left the lid off of the bin for a while to decrease the vinegar smell and to help with the drying process.)
If desired, add lemon essential oil to give the rice a nice lemonade smell.
Finish off the bin by adding cups, straws, plastic lemons and a pitcher.
For some additional fun, we printed out several matching pictures relating to lemonade and lemonade stands. This just gives additional options for more play time. Have fun!!

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