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Posted By: Lisa Cooseman on Mar 3, 2017   Category: Articles, Programs, Resources, What's New  


We were excited to introduce the Leaps and Bounds Feeding Clinic last night at our Parent Seminar. We shared information about our background in feeding, values and our approach to feeding therapy.

Children may have feeding difficulties for a variety of reasons, but it is important to evaluate what factors are impacting feeding before designing a treatment plan. Your child might benefit from feeding if they are having trouble with any of the following:

□ Sensory issues causing him to avoid textures
□ Oral motor delays impacting the types and variety of foods
□ Anxiety at mealtime
□ Behaviors that are preventing the child from participating in mealtime experiences
□ Children with developmental delays that are impacting feeding and swallowing
□ A child demonstrating a lack of progression with textures and complexity of foods

If you were unable to attend our parent seminar and would like to learn more about our feeding clinic, please call our office at 636-928-LEAP(5327). We are also happy to schedule a free consultation, if you would like to talk to a therapist and to determine if therapy is right for your family.


We’ve written a blog highlighting one of our amazing feeding success stories! Check it out here!
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