Food Fun Sensory Bin

Posted By: Leaps & Bounds on Nov 7, 2017   Category: Resources  

Food Fun Sensory Bin


Plastic bin
Small bucket
Plastic play food
Pictures of a variety of food
“What’s on your plate today?” handout (We made our own using pictures from Pinterest!)

We filled our bin with oatmeal, but you could use another dry food such as cornmeal.
Make a “Junk Food Bucket” label for the small bucket.
Print out a plate that is labeled as fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains, dairy that you can find on Pinterest. You could also have your child help you draw and color the plate instead of printing it out.
Then you want to either draw or print a variety of food pictures. We also laminated ours so they would last longer, but that is optional.
Then you could work on helping your child identify and discuss the foods which would help kids gain familiarity with the foods. Use words and discuss different properties of the foods-hot/ cold, crunchy/ soft, etc. This can also open conversations about what foods are healthy to put on your plate, foods you should eat daily or foods to eat occasionally. This is a great activity to do this month to prep for Thanksgiving and all of the different foods they will experience.

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