February 2018 Sensory Bins

Posted By: Leaps & Bounds on Feb 15, 2018   Category: Resources  

We have two sensory bins in this post to share with you, I Spy and Tropical Snow!
We hope you have fun making and playing with both!

I Spy Sensory Bin:


-Black beans
-Small items to add to the bin-toy cars, coins, small figures, beads, buttons, etc.
-Pictures of items

First fill a bin with black beans.
Then you can start adding lots of small items. You would want to find enough items to make your child have to visually scan the box.
We also took pictures of each item and printed them out so that kids would have a picture of the desired item to find.
This is a great activity for visual discrimination, visual memory and tactile perception.

Tropical Snow Sensory Bin:

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