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Halloween Tips

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Halloween can be a scary time for all kids, but it can be an especially challenging time for kids with sensory processing difficulties. From the costumes and the masks, to the scary monsters lurking in haunted houses, to the unexpected surprise of someone yelling “Boo!”, there are a lot of potentially difficult issues when it comes to Halloween. But, with some planning and strategies, it can be a fun and enjoyable experience for all kids (more…)

Therapy Spotlight: Intensive Therapy Program

Posted By: Lisa Cooseman on Sep 21, 2018   Category: Articles, Resources  

Therapy Spotlight: Intensive Therapy Program

Written by: Julie Johnson, MOT, OTR/L

Introducing Jack:

Tying shoes. Jumping jacks. Pumping a playground swing. Socializing with peers. These are things that come naturally to most school-aged children. For others, these tasks are challenging and these struggles negatively impact the child’s self-esteem and confidence. What parent wants to watch his or her child struggle through tasks that peers do with ease? (more…)

SUPERHERO Camp: Fall Break Learning Enrichment (Oct 2018)

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October 15th – 19th
9:00AM – 3:00PM

We are now accepting enrollment for our Fall Break Learning Enrichment Camp! Please click on the flyer below for more details.

Please call the office at 636-928-LEAP (5327) with any questions or to sign your child up today!

Back to School – Starting the Year Off Right!

Posted By: Lisa Cooseman on Aug 22, 2018   Category: Resources  

Back to School – Starting the Year Off Right!

It is likely as a parent you might have some mixed emotions about your kids going back to school. Yes, there are more routine schedules which our bodies and minds seem to search for. However, the cost of having a routine schedule is that you often have to get up much earlier. Then there is the difficulty of switching from summer mode into school mode – back to school events, buying school supplies, making lunches, keeping up with homework, shuttling to after-school activities. All of these may cause increased stress levels for everyone.

Putting some things in place at the beginning of the school year can help with the chaos of these new routines. Here are some ideas that may be helpful (more…)

Trauma and Stress Experiences in Kids

Posted By: Carrie Salyer on Aug 14, 2018   Category: Articles, Resources  

We all experience different levels of stress in our days. Stress experiences can occur in utero, shortly after birth, and/or throughout the lifetime. The list of possible stress and trauma experiences are innumerable, and the impact of an event will depend on a child’s previous experiences and (more…)

Trauma/Stress Experience and Sensory Processing – FREE Parent Seminar – September 2018

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When: September 6, 2018 7:30pm-9:00pm

Where: Leaps and Bounds

While we may identify a stress event/experience (separation from a caregiver, medical intervention, abuse, neglect, or another negative experience) as being “bigger” than another, the chemical reaction in the body is the same regardless of the “size” of the stress event.
Therefore, it is important to recognize how stress events and trauma impact a child’s body. Stress events can cause kids to have a heightened awareness of sensation, leading to sensory processing challenges, which can contribute to poor self-regulation and negative behaviors.
Learn how sensory-based interventions at Leaps and Bounds can positively impact how a child’s body processes trauma and stress events.

**There will be no cost for this seminar. Seating is limited. Call 636-928-5327 or email to RSVP to reserve your spot. Please include your phone number if you register by email.**

2018 Fall Groups

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We are now accepting registrations for our 2018 Fall Groups!

Please click on the attached flyer below for more details:

Contact Leaps & Bounds by calling 636-928-LEAP(5327) or emailing with any questions or to sign your child up today!

Getting Ready for School – 5 Strategies to Prepare Your Child

Posted By: Lisa Cooseman on Jul 18, 2018   Category: Articles, Resources, What's New  

Whether your child is beginning preschool or Kindergarten, it is no doubt a HUGE transition for you and your child. Preparation for this big change can lessen stress and anxiety for each of you. Here are 5 strategies to help your child:

1. Pretend Play

Playing school with your child will help them to understand the expectations of their school day and gain a better understanding of the concept of school. Have your child engage in the activities they will experience during their school day. Try sitting down for circle time, eating a snack out of a lunch box or snack bag, and reading a story at “nap time” to replicate the classroom they will be going to. You can be the teacher to model and then let your child give it a try. (more…)

May 2018 Sensory Bins

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Our May sensory bins are:
Coral Reef Fun and Match the Emoji

We hope you have fun making these bins and incorporating them into your child’s playtime!

Let’s Make Noise: Summer Music Therapy Group

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Let’s Make Noise, our Summer music therapy group will be meeting
Wednesdays 9:00-9:45 at Leaps & Bounds starting May 30th!

This group will be lead by a music therapist and is open to ages 18 months – 4 years old.
Please call the office for more information on pricing or to sign your child up today!