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For the Love of Reading

Posted By: Leaps & Bounds on Nov 10, 2015   Category: Articles, Recommended Reading, Resources  

love reading
Where did the love of reading go, and how do we begin to invite it back into our children’s lives? So often, we as teachers, therapists, educators, and parents let our focus shift to what we consider to be more important elements of reading: how much are they reading, how fast are they reading, how much are they comprehending when they read, how many errors are they making when they read aloud. While it may be difficult for us to admit that these questions linger in our minds, the good news is that we can shift our focus back to where we started: the love of reading (more…)

The Out of Sync Child

Posted By: Leaps & Bounds on Jul 30, 2009   Category: Recommended Reading, Resources  

Periodically we will be recommending different resources to help parents and educators better understand sensory processing. This book is a good place to start.

The Out-of-Sync Child:
Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder

By: Carol Stock Kranowitz

This is a parent-friendly book that describes how sensory integration dysfunction (also known as sensory processing disorder) can impact a child’s daily life. The book provides easy to understand descriptions of each sensory system and signs and symptoms of sensory processing concerns in each system. There are strategies and suggestions for ways to help a child with sensory processing concerns. For more information, or to order this resource, log on to