DIY Sensory Tools

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DIY Sensory Tools

At Leaps and Bounds, we use sensory tools every day to compliment the therapy we do with our kids. Not every tool works for every kid. We like to have lots of “tools in our bag” so that we can find the right ones for our kids and families. Some of the tools we use in therapy need to be purchased, but there are a lot of really great ones you can make on your own at home. We have put together a list of some of our favorite DIY sensory tools. (more…)

Therapy Spotlight – Success in the Community!

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Meet Quentin…

Quentin has been working at Leaps and Bounds for a few years now. He and his mother had a goal of bike riding for an activity to do with his family and exercise. Now that he is in high school his occupational therapist suggested some functional training in the gym. Thanks to the inclusion model at the YMCA, Quentin and his OT work weekly on strengthening, body awareness, balance, bilateral coordination, fine motor, and social skills.

Providing therapy at the YMCA has helped facilitate progress in just a few short weeks for Quentin. (more…)

Sensory Kids in the Classroom

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“Sit still.”
“Pay attention.”
“Keep your hands to yourself.”
“You lose 10 minutes of recess.”

These are phrases that sensory-kids often hear throughout their school day. Sitting still, paying attention, and keeping hands to himself can be super tricky for a child with sensory processing challenges…and losing 10 minutes of recess is likely the worst consequence a sensory-seeking kid could be given. It is important to understand the needs of a sensory kid in order to (more…)

Yoga & Self-Regulation

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Yoga and Self-Regulation

Have you ever wondered if your child would benefit from yoga? Yoga is often associated with adults and slow movements, but it turns out that this ancient practice can be very beneficial for children and adults. Yoga incorporates breath work with motor movements for strengthening and calming the nervous system, and can be adapted for all ages and abilities. The yoga poses and activities can help children identify how their body is feeling to facilitate greater emotional awareness and coping skills. (more…)

Back to School – Starting the Year Off Right!

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Back to School – Starting the Year Off Right!

It is likely as a parent you might have some mixed emotions about your kids going back to school. Yes, there are more routine schedules which our bodies and minds seem to search for. However, the cost of having a routine schedule is that you often have to get up much earlier. Then there is the difficulty of switching from summer mode into school mode – back to school events, buying school supplies, making lunches, keeping up with homework, shuttling to after-school activities. All of these may cause increased stress levels for everyone.

Putting some things in place at the beginning of the school year can help with the chaos of these new routines. Here are some ideas that may be helpful (more…)

Child Development for the New and Expectant Parent

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Adding a new member to your family can be both exciting and terrifying. You may buy all of the books, read all of the blogs and posts, talk to all of your friends that have kids but are you really ready? (more…)

Speech & Language Highlight: Is Your Child A Late Talker?

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Speech pic

Is Your Child A Late Talker?

Have you ever looked at your child’s peers and wished your child communicated like they did? Have you been frustrated because you try to have him or her imitate a word but he or she just (more…)

Sensory Processing Q&A

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Sensory Proc Q&A

What does sensory processing mean for you?

At Leaps and Bounds, we often have Occupational Therapy students come in to observe the work we do. We recently had Makenna, an OT student from Maryville, observing a session with one of our Occupational Therapists, Kelsey. After the session, Makenna expressed to Kelsey that she had struggled with many of the same things that she observed in Kelsey’s client, Maya.

Makenna remembered as a child feeling bothered by clothes and having difficulty managing (more…)

Leaps & Bounds Feeding Clinic

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We were excited to introduce the Leaps and Bounds Feeding Clinic last night at our Parent Seminar. We shared information about our background in feeding, values and our approach to feeding therapy.

Children may have feeding difficulties for a variety of reasons (more…)

THERAPY SPOTLIGHT – Feeding Success!

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Natalie and Erin

Meet Natalie…

Natalie is a 7 year old girl who loves toys, pretend play and drawing. Her life has not always been easy though. She was born with a heart condition that required her to have several open heart surgeries from the time she was born until 3 years of age. Due to complications from this, feeding was really difficult. At 6 months of age, Natalie had to receive a g-button because she was not getting the calories and nutrition she needed. (more…)