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Helping Your Sensory Kids (and you) Survive the Holidays

Posted By: Carrie Salyer on Nov 23, 2015   Category: Archive, Articles, Resources   Tags:

christmas lights

Holidays are fun, joyful times with family and friends! AND they are overwhelming, over-stimulating, and exhausting for nearly all of us. Imagine being a sensory kid who is overwhelmed by stimulation on a daily basis, or a sensory kid who needs more, more, more….more movement, more touch, more everything! Holiday gatherings can prove to be very challenging for any type of sensory kid.

Before you head off to ten different family gatherings, make a plan to help your child be successful and ease your stress. First, consider (more…)

For the Love of Reading

Posted By: Leaps & Bounds on Nov 10, 2015   Category: Articles, Recommended Reading, Resources  

love reading
Where did the love of reading go, and how do we begin to invite it back into our children’s lives? So often, we as teachers, therapists, educators, and parents let our focus shift to what we consider to be more important elements of reading: how much are they reading, how fast are they reading, how much are they comprehending when they read, how many errors are they making when they read aloud. While it may be difficult for us to admit that these questions linger in our minds, the good news is that we can shift our focus back to where we started: the love of reading (more…)

Halloween Tips

Posted By: Leaps & Bounds on Oct 19, 2015   Category: Articles, Resources  


Halloween can be a scary time for all kids, but it can be an especially challenging time for kids with sensory processing difficulties. From the costumes and the masks, to the scary monsters lurking in haunted houses, to the unexpected surprise of someone yelling “Boo!”, there are a lot of potentially difficult issues when it comes to Halloween. But, with some planning and strategies, it can be a fun and enjoyable experience for all kids (more…)

Teal Pumpkin Project

Posted By: Leaps & Bounds on Oct 19, 2015   Category: Articles, Resources  

Snickers. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Skittles. Twizzlers. These are just a few of the items commonly handed out to children on Halloween. But what about those kids who are allergic to peanuts? What about the ones who eat a gluten-free diet, avoid food dyes, or have a g-tube and can’t ingest food by mouth? How can we find a universal way to offer treats to all children on Halloween without excluding those with food or dietary restrictions?

The answer is the Teal Pumpkin Project (more…)

October is Sensory Awareness Month!

Posted By: Carrie Salyer on Oct 9, 2015   Category: Articles, Resources  

brayden_rock wall

We learn through our seven senses. Everything we do requires the use of our senses (more…)

Sensory Tool – Weighted Sock Buddy

Posted By: Leaps & Bounds on Oct 9, 2015   Category: Articles, Resources  

sock buddy

Why the Weighted Sock Buddy?

The weighted sock buddy can be placed on your child’s lap to provide deep touch pressure (more…)

THERAPY SPOTLIGHT – Feeding Success!

Posted By: Lisa Cooseman on Jul 7, 2015   Category: Articles, Resources  

Natalie and Erin

Meet Natalie-

Natalie is a 7 year old girl who loves toys, pretend play and drawing. Her life has not always been easy though. She was born with a heart condition that required her to have several open heart surgeries from the time she was born until 3 years of age. Due to complications from this, feeding was really difficult. At 6 months of age, Natalie had to receive a g-button because she was not getting the calories and nutrition she needed. (more…)

10 Year Anniversary!

Posted By: Lisa Cooseman on Jun 22, 2015   Category: Articles, Resources, What's New  

There are lots of reasons people choose to start their own business. 10 years ago we had a vision. We decided to take a huge “Leap” of faith and engage on a journey that would change us forever. There were numerous meetings in kitchens to write business plans, sketches of what our center would look like, and lots of talk about how to make our dreams a reality. We wondered, like other business owners, (more…)

Getting Ready for School – 5 Strategies to Prepare Your Child

Posted By: Lisa Cooseman on Apr 27, 2015   Category: Articles, Resources, What's New  

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Whether your child is beginning preschool or Kindergarten, it is no doubt a HUGE transition for you and your child. Preparation for this big change can lessen stress and anxiety for each of you. Here are 5 strategies to help your child:

1. Pretend Play

Playing school with your child will help them to understand the expectations of their school day and gain a better understanding of the concept of school. Have your child engage in the activities they will experience during their school day. Try sitting down for circle time, eating a snack out of a lunch box or snack bag, and reading a story at “nap time” to replicate the classroom they will be going to. You can be the teacher to model and then let your child give it a try. (more…)

FREE Developmental Screenings

Posted By: Lisa Cooseman on Apr 1, 2015   Category: Articles, Resources  

Is your child 5 years of age or younger?
Do you have concerns about your child’s development?

Leaps and Bounds is offering FREE developmental screenings

Screenings are for children ages birth to 5 years of age.
Both the parents and the child should be present at the screening.
The screening will include both standardized testing and therapist observation.
An occupational therapist will conduct the screening and consult with the parents to review results.

Call our office to schedule an appointment at 636-928-LEAP(5327)

Areas to be addressed include:

* Sensory processing
* Communication
* Gross motor
* Fine motor
* Problem solving
* Social emotional