Helping Your Sensory Kids (and you) Survive the Holidays

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Holidays are fun, joyful times with family and friends! AND they are overwhelming, over-stimulating, and exhausting for nearly all of us. Imagine being a sensory kid who is overwhelmed by stimulation on a daily basis, or a sensory kid who needs more, more, more….more movement, more touch, more everything! Holiday gatherings can prove to be very challenging for any type of sensory kid.

Before you head off to ten different family gatherings, make a plan to help your child be successful and ease your stress. First, consider (more…)

Sensory Toy & Game List

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Below is a great list of toys and games that would be appropriate for your child based on their therapeutic needs. If you would like to read more on what makes a “perfect gift”, click here “Perfect” Gifts. (more…)

What Makes a “Perfect” Gift for Kids?

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Looking for the perfect gift for that special child in your life? What IS the perfect gift? If you ask the therapists at Leaps and Bounds, we will tell you that the gift should be a toy or game that will encourage the use of the senses, promote motor skill development, and facilitate language skills. While that may not sound like fun, that is what makes it a perfect gift. It provides opportunities for learning and development, while a child will simply see the toy as fun, unadulterated play. So, what is this toy you ask? Well, (more…)

Therapy Spotlight: Communication with AAC

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Therapy Spotlight: Communication with AAC

Written by: Carissa Speelman, M.A. CCC-SLP

Meet Evan.

Evan came to Leaps and Bounds with extremely limited ability to communicate. He was able to do some sign language and minimal approximations of words, but had an extremely difficult time communicating. He began speech and language therapy to focus on increasing his vocabulary through sign language, combining signs into shorter phrases, and imitating short partial words. Our focus was helping him develop skills to improve his ability to communicate his wants and needs. (more…)

Therapy Spotlight: Intensive Therapy Program

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Therapy Spotlight: Intensive Therapy Program

Written by: Julie Johnson, MOT, OTR/L

Introducing Jack:

Tying shoes. Jumping jacks. Pumping a playground swing. Socializing with peers. These are things that come naturally to most school-aged children. For others, these tasks are challenging and these struggles negatively impact the child’s self-esteem and confidence. What parent wants to watch his or her child struggle through tasks that peers do with ease? (more…)

Trauma and Stress Experiences in Kids

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We all experience different levels of stress in our days. Stress experiences can occur in utero, shortly after birth, and/or throughout the lifetime. The list of possible stress and trauma experiences are innumerable, and the impact of an event will depend on a child’s previous experiences and (more…)

Getting Ready for School – 5 Strategies to Prepare Your Child

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Whether your child is beginning preschool or Kindergarten, it is no doubt a HUGE transition for you and your child. Preparation for this big change can lessen stress and anxiety for each of you. Here are 5 strategies to help your child:

1. Pretend Play

Playing school with your child will help them to understand the expectations of their school day and gain a better understanding of the concept of school. Have your child engage in the activities they will experience during their school day. Try sitting down for circle time, eating a snack out of a lunch box or snack bag, and reading a story at “nap time” to replicate the classroom they will be going to. You can be the teacher to model and then let your child give it a try. (more…)

Summer Camp: A Mom’s Perspective

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Written by: Becky Duchene, one of our many dedicated Leaps & Bounds parents!

Fun! Exercise! Fun! Friendship! Fun! Science! Fun! Writing! Fun! Math! Fun! Art! Fun! Water!

These are the words that come to my mind as I consider the Summer Camp sessions provided by Leaps and Bounds each year. Each spring, my boys, Samuel and Noah, wait expectantly for the colorful summer brochure to pop up on my computer screen in order to discover the themes for the different weeks of camp. As I open my old-school spiral-bound planner to the pages for June, July, and August, I hear both Samuel and Noah chatter excitedly next to me as they take turns reading descriptions and exchanging opinions. Time at Leaps and Bounds is truly a (more…)

Executive Function: Skills for Success

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Exec Func pic

Executive Function: Skills for Success

Written by: Julie Johnson, MOT, OTR/L

As adults, we don’t talk back to our boss when we disagree and we refrain from honking the horn when someone cuts us off on the road, because we have control over our behaviors. We look at problems from different angles and use a variety of strategies until we are successful, because we can (more…)

Autism Awareness: Personal Reflections

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Autism Awareness: Personal Reflections

Written by: Lisa Cooseman OTR/L, MS

I have been fortunate to have worked with individuals that are impacted by Autism and their families for 20 years. As I sat down to write this blog, I immediately began thinking about the many families that I have had the pleasure to know (more…)