Biker Buddies

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“It’s as easy as riding a bike.” We hear this statement many times, but what if it isn’t? What if riding a bike isn’t easy, and quite possibly, it is downright hard or scary? To many people, bicycle riding is a childhood right of passage, a milestone of sorts. But many times, this seemingly simple task is a challenge and takes much longer than expected to master. Riding a bike incorporates many complex skills (bilateral and motor coordination, depth perception, visual-motor, gravitational security, and postural control/endurance), and these individual abilities must all work cohesively in unison in order for a kiddo to even be prepared to start to ride a bike.

This summer Leaps and Bounds held two 4 week long groups that utilized a multi-sensory and developmental approach to teaching bike riding skills. The group was called Biker Buddies. The children that participated in this group were ages 4-11 and entered the group with increased anxiety and fears towards riding a bike. They had decreased postural strength/endurance, decreased coordination and were not yet riding a bike independently.

The group was led by an occupational therapist and focused on addressing skill sets as well as direct practice on bicycles. The group also incorporated time for therapist-parent education and collaboration in order to provide families with appropriate strategies, exercises and support for further riding practice at home.

At the end of one four week session, one kiddo proudly displayed a video of him independently riding a bike for the first time. This video showed a short clip of him exclaiming: “I just rode a bike for the first time. This is the best day ever!” Don’t we all want that for our children, for them to have the “best day ever!”?

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