Back to School – Starting the Year Off Right!

Posted By: Lisa Cooseman on Aug 22, 2018   Category: Resources  

Back to School – Starting the Year Off Right!

It is likely as a parent you might have some mixed emotions about your kids going back to school. Yes, there are more routine schedules which our bodies and minds seem to search for. However, the cost of having a routine schedule is that you often have to get up much earlier. Then there is the difficulty of switching from summer mode into school mode – back to school events, buying school supplies, making lunches, keeping up with homework, shuttling to after-school activities. All of these may cause increased stress levels for everyone.

Putting some things in place at the beginning of the school year can help with the chaos of these new routines. Here are some ideas that may be helpful in getting this school year started off right:

1. Make a picture schedule for your morning routine-this can allow kids to take more responsibility for themselves in the morning. This will set up clear expectations about what they should be doing to get ready for school.

2. Set the alarm clock early enough to allow for a good breakfast-allowing yourself and your children time in the morning to have breakfast can help calm and organize them so they are better able to handle the stressors of the day.

3. Set up a homework routine-set up an area that is a designated homework area which is free from distractions such as excessive noise, television or other screens. This will help your child to become more focused and ready to engage in their homework each day.

4. Keep communicating with your child-invite your child to go for a walk or snuggle up at bedtime to allow for a relaxed, open and inviting time for communicating. You want to avoid pushing your child to open up or setting up a confrontational type of environment.

5. Be a role model-take an interest in what your child is learning, get up early with them and lead by example in your search to continue to grow and learn. They are watching as you pick up a book, take classes or seek to understand new information.

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