11/13/09: “Making Sense of Handwriting” Seminar

Posted By: Carrie Salyer on Oct 26, 2009   Category: Archive  

When: November 13, 2009 8:00am-3:45pm

Where: Marriott St. Louis Airport

Presented by Carrie Salyer and Lisa Cooseman

Handwriting is a complex task that requires the integration of our senses. In this seminar, participants will learn to look at handwriting through all of the senses. Understanding the foundational components of handwriting is critical in facilitating successful skill development. The sensory systems and their ability to process information is the center of this development. The presenter will discuss the developmental and sensory processing foundations that are necessary for production of efficient and legible handwriting. Various evaluation tools, including standardized and non-standardized assessments will be discussed to assist attendees in determining which tool may be best suited for the children they serve. This course will provide a different perspective of addressing handwriting development, as compared to traditional, direct treatment approaches. There is an emphasis on addressing the underlying skills required for efficient and legible handwriting. Specific handwriting techniques will not be taught.

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