10 Year Anniversary!

Posted By: Lisa Cooseman on Jun 22, 2015   Category: Articles, Resources, What's New  

There are lots of reasons people choose to start their own business. 10 years ago we had a vision. We decided to take a huge “Leap” of faith and engage on a journey that would change us forever. There were numerous meetings in kitchens to write business plans, sketches of what our center would look like, and lots of talk about how to make our dreams a reality. We wondered, like other business owners, “Will people want our therapy services? Are we doing the right thing? Will we lose everything?” We often like to describe the ability to start our business as equal parts of passion and naiveté.

Our lives are so different than they were when we opened. Leaps and Bounds will always be our baby, but we now have families of our own. Being parents has certainly impacted us as therapists and business owners. We have worked hard to maintain our goals of what we wanted for Leaps and Bounds. We strive to provide the highest quality of therapy, serve as a resource for our families, and do our best to help our families and kids.

We have certainly gone through a lot of changes over the last 10 years. Owning a business has taught us a lot about humility. It goes without saying that the changing world of healthcare has had its impact on us, but we have been able to navigate these changes and will continue to do so. Our business has grown so much in the last 10 years. We have experienced both challenges and successes, all of which have helped us grow. Everything you read about business comments on how most businesses fail within the first 3 years, but 10 years later……HERE WE ARE!!!

To our families, friends, and colleagues who have supported us along the way, we want to say, “Thank You”. Your love and support has meant more than words can express.

To all of the therapists and staff that have taken part in making Leaps and Bounds something that we are truly proud of, we say, “Thank You.” We often say that we consider each of you to be a part of our family and that is truly how we feel. Thank you for giving of yourselves, and sharing your passion to help the kids and families that have walked through our doors. We are honored to say that we have worked with some of the most talented therapists and staff over the last 10 years. We are thankful for each and every one of you who has been a part of our journey.

To all of the amazing families who have allowed us to be a part of their lives, we also say, “Thank You”. Thank you for choosing Leaps and Bounds to be a part of your journey. We are inspired each day with the love and dedication you have for your kids.

Here’s to the next 10 years!

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