04/16/10: MO Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention

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When: April 16 though April 18, 2010

Where: Tan-Tar-A-Resort, Osage Beach, MO

Carrie Salyer will be presenting:

Sensory Processing: A Foundation for Skill Development

Sunday, April 18, 2010 8:00 AM -11:00 AM

Sensory processing is a foundation for skill development. This seminar will emphasize the importance of efficient sensory processing for a child’s attention, learning, behavior, and general skill development, including language and articulation. A child learns best when his body is organized and ready to receive the information presented. Understanding the impact that improved sensory processing can have on a child’s ability to engage and learn can have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of intervention. Participants will learn effective treatment strategies that can improve attention and learning and enhance language and articulation skills.

Learning Outcomes:
(1) Explain sensory processing and its impact on attention, learning, behavior, and skill development
(2) Recognize signs of sensory processing disorder impacting children on their caseload
(3) Identify effective treatment strategies to increase a child’s attention, learning, behavior, and skill development

Level of Instruction: Intermediate

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